Avoid Nightmares, Get a Vero Beach Home Inspection

Take our advice: If you want to avoid nightmares and unknown problems, get a Vero Beach home inspection before you buy any home.

Vero Beach home inspections can turn up many thingsFrom the 15-foot boa constrictor holed up in the wall, to a house ready to collapse in a stiff wind, to electrical wiring that bursts into flames at the flip of a switch, Vero Beach home inspections have turned up about everything. And those horror stories could be yours if you don't have the home you're considering inspected before you buy.

Getting A Vero Beach Home Inspection Could Save You Thousands!

While some buyers might balk because of the extra cost, spending a few hundred dollars to get a Vero Beach home inspection could save you thousands in the long run.

In most home-purchase offers, it's customary to include a clause making the transaction contingent on the findings of a home inspection. If the inspection reveals real problems, what happens next depends on the contract.

The seller may cover repair costs; the buyer and seller might split costs; the seller might credit the buyer money to make repairs; or the seller might reduce the price. If the buyer and seller can't come to terms, the buyer can walk away from the agreement.

As any Vero Beach home inspector will point out, what you don't know CAN hurt you.

A typical Vero Beach home inspection takes several hours and looks at things such as the heating and air-conditioning systems, plumbing, electrical systems and the roof. Specialty inspectors can check for mold, radon gas and energy efficiency. If repairs are needed, hire a licensed contractor. That way, there's a paper trail that the work has been done. And you should have the home reinspected to make sure the repairs were done properly.

When working with us, we ALWAYS make any offer contingent on a satisfactory home inspection.