Vero Beach Landscaping Tips For Spring

With Spring just around the corner, Vero Beach landscaping ideas are starting to bloom in everyone’s minds again.

Now is the perfect time for a thorough spring cleaning, but not just the attic or garage or getting rid of old clothes. The outside of your home is in just as much need of some annual care as the inside, but no more so than the yard or garden.

Winter can wreck havoc on a yard or garden and your Vero Beach landscaping is now in need of some Spring revival. Here are some basic tips for turning your yard into a spring showcase.

Vero Beach Landscaping Project Tips

Vero Beach landscaping tips for SpringClear Away the Debris

Set aside a day to just clean away the winter debris that has collected in your Vero Beach landscaping. Once you’ve cleaned away the leaves and broken limbs that are lying around you’ll be ready to get the weeds that sprouted during the winter. Once all this is done, spending 10-20 minutes each week pulling weeds and spraying weed killer should help you maintain a weed-free yard.


If you want to ensure that your Vero Beach landscaping thrives, you’re going to have to include fertilizer. Not just for the grass, but everything. Grass, flowers and shrubs. Nothing says this step has to be complicated. There are a number of different fertilizers available from home-supply stores geared for a number of different purposes and a number of lawn and garden types. Turf Builder is a popular option for those who want to give their lawns a fighting chance to thrive. Plus, there are organic weed killers on the market that can make the aforementioned weed hunting a breeze.

If you’re growing food, like herbs, fruits and vegetables, make sure you use only organic fertilizers containing no pesticides.


A fresh layer of mulch around plants, bushes and trees can go a long way to enhancing the beauty and tidiness of your Vero Beach landscaping. Professional landscapers suggest applying four inches of mulch over the top soil, which will help retain moisture and prevent growth of those pesky weeds.


Whether you’re working with a complex in-ground sprinkler system or a simple garden hose, it’s best to test the equipment now. If you have a sprinkler system, make sure the system is working properly before you actually need it. Check all the sprinkler heads for cracking and breakage since last year. Clear away grass and weeds that may have covered part or all of the pop-up heads to make sure they can actually pop-up when called for.

If you use the old-fashioned water hose system, check your hose and fittings for leaks and cracks now. When you need to pull out the hose to use it the first time is not the time you want to have to stop and head to the hardware store for replacements.

By following these simple tips for your Vero Beach landscaping this spring, even those without a green thumb should be able to revive a yard on the brink of winter extinction.