Best Day For Listing Your Vero Beach Home For Sale

When you list your Vero Beach home for sale can matter a lot as to how much you get and how quickly it sells.

The best day to list your Vero Beach home for sale is Friday.Sound far-fetched? Last year, homes listed on Fridays sold for 99.1% of the seller’s original asking price. According to an analysis by real estate brokerage Redfin, Friday is the highest percentage day of the week to list your Vero Beach home for sale.

Listing your Vero Beach home for sale on Friday rather than Sunday, which has been tracked to be the worst day to list, could mean a difference of nearly $5,000 on a $500,000 house. Homes listed on Sundays ended up selling for 98.4% of their initial list price, according to Redfin.

Property listed on Friday also sells faster — 81 days on averages, according to the study.

It seems people are more positive and happier on Fridays, an effect that lasts through the weekend. They also tend to report more vitality and energy on the weekends, which may cause them to be more proactive in looking for homes.

Worst Day to List Your Vero Beach Home For Sale

On the other hand, Sunday listings seem to sit around for a few days before people start lining up home tours for the next weekend. By that time, newer listings may make those Sunday listings seem a bit stale already.

Homes listed on a Tuesday garner the most interest for home tours. Tuesdays are also big planning days for many people. Productivity peaks at the beginning and end of the workweek, so some may use Tuesday to nail down their weekend plans for looking at homes.

When you’re in the market to list your Vero Beach home for sale, consider the day of the week you list it for your most likely success in selling it.

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