Mortgage Scams Can Be Prevented

When times get tough, it seems the scammers come out of the woodwork. Now there are several emerging mortgage scams hitting people where it hurts.

This one particular scam is a cash stealing system. It preys and targets vulnerable homeowners when they're at their weakest point and feel like they're cornered with nowhere to turn.

If you're behind on your mortgage, don't fall for one of these mortgage scams. Use a little common sense, and talk to someone if you've received a notice similar to the one Annette Coates received.

Never send money to anyone who makes promises that sound too good to be true, regardless of how legitimate the notice you receive looks. Mortgage scams are becoming more and more common.

If you think you've received a notice that might be one of these mortgage scams, call someone you know and talk to them about it. Preferably someone with some legal experience, or experience with mortgage scams, like your state's attorney general.

NEVER send cash to anyone promising to help you save your home or modification of a delinquent loan . Foreclosure help and mortgage modification advice is free.